It Must Start Somewhere

What should be the purpose of writing this blog? What subjects should be explored? Where do I intend to publish these thoughts? All of these questions will be used to organize and guide my writing in the beginning. A lot of what I write will be based on what I’m reading at the time and what news is being made that interests me. I have interests in the gospel, in some racing sports, in photography, in home theatre, and in politics. My reading material includes the Bible, military subjects, thriller novels written by Tom Clancy, Brad Thor, Vince Flynn, Dan Brown, and Dale Brown, the Atlantic and Commentary magazines, blogs by Mike Adams, Charles Krauthammer, George Will, Douglas Wilson, Frank Turk, James White, and Al Mohler. I suspect that this long list of reading material will more than fill my time and reduce my writing to a drivel. However, I am frequently motivated to stop reading and start making personal comments when some issue really grabs me. I suspect that time will determine just what balance I construct between reading, writing and managing my home.


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